Sunday, 12 May 2013

Crossroads of a young ADULT!

I feel like I am on crossroads. The reason is probably because I am too much  bothered about what my future holds for me. I guess this is a worry for every other lad in my age, well i like to think that anyway. 

As i was talking earlier in my profile about my career, it has got to a defining moment where i am in two minds about pursuing graduate studies or keeping the family tradition of finding a job and getting married. Getting married well, i want to but not to some random girl my parents fix upon. I think i have enough personal problems to worry about which i don't want to share, well i want to but it's too damn complicated. 

So going back to the crossroads, the graduate education was always a cherry on top of the cake in my dreams and i keep that as an option at the moment. You know it sounds nice when you say you are a masters degree holder but it's a hassle to get into one of them good universities and that gives me other problems. 

Money - I come from a middle class family background where we are able to make enough money for the sustenance at the moment. But i do think i might be able to obtain a bank loan for the graduate studies. 

GMAT - well it's too bloody difficult, at least for me because I've started preparing for it today. I do plan to write about my progress of gmat learning in this blog at times.

Leaving parents & friends - I guess everyone has to do that at some point in their life. I should be able to cope that well, em i GUESS! 

That pretty much sums up the difficulties I have to endure on pursuing a Masters degree.

Now what i want to say today is I am very indecisive and I easily get distracted.  In the coming weeks(months), the aim is to focus on my GMAT revision and get admitted into a good B school. 

Friday, 28 August 2009

Im bak

wat a hectic week i had.. ! examz, seminars, shoppin, weddin anniversry of parents! .. Relieved now.. had some qquality sleep last nite .. Onam is comin , shud b good!! Anywayz lukin 4ward into the bankholiday weekend..